Tips and Ideas for Long Exposure Photorgaphy

Taking photos with long exposure is always fun as the results can’t be predicted. Every slightest motion is captured in a blurry picture and fascinates the viewer’s imagination. One and the same landscape may look in a completely different ways shot with the usage of long exposure or without this effect. You may alternate the composition of the photo in any possible way through this option. It’s up to you, whether to simplify the picture and blur the details of less importance or otherwise to create a complicated photo with every object possessing a great amount of dynamics and energy. A photographer uses effect of long exposure as an artist uses his brushes to express the ideas and the personal vision of the world. Your imagination isn’t limited by the static look of the photo if it’s taken with some additional options. If you wish you may depict even a single standing tree as a moving object, not mentioning such elusive elements as water or fire and the beauty of the sunset sky.

Generally the most vivid shots with long exposure are made at night. A try to capture the play of flashing lights in their movement is a great idea for an unusual shot. Among the popular places for this types of photos are the highways with the heavy traffic, the airports, where you always will find something interesting to shoot watching the planes to take off and land the runways, or downtown blinking with an endless amount of lights. Consider shooting a late night city landscape with a river or a sea. Flowing waters could give an unpredictable effect which will make you picture hold the attention of the viewers.

Don’t fix your creativity into any frames. Exposed capture pictures taken during the daytime are also mesmerizing sometimes. The following objects are the most successful choices for creating unforgettable pictures.

  • Cloudy sky often becomes a source of inspiration for the beginner photographers. It’s recommended to take some raw pictures at first adjusting the time of the exposure to the speed of the clouds movement. Consider the direction of the wind and find the right spot to start shooting from.
  • The streams of water will help you to create surrealist compositions at the long exposure of more than five minutes. The shorter ones will provide the effect of frozen water. Be interested and experimental to watch the surprising shots later.
  • People have always been the main theme for photos. Their relatively high movement speed requires a shorter exposure compared to that of the objects mentioned above. Ballet dancers, horse-riders or playing children may appear in a completely different way on your photos. Their movement will add a new details to the final composition of the photo and turn the last ones into real portraits.

The more you practice taking long exposure photos the more specific objects perfectly suitable to this effect you will discover. There is a vast field for experiments.

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