The Four Most Popular Symbols Worn as Mascottes

The whole our life is full of different symbols. We face them everywhere. Every symbol, especially religious or magical one can is believed to have a certain impact on our mental state. A human being needs to have some psychological help from time to time and if he or she doesn’t receive it, it’s sensible to search the support using a material object. From the prehistoric times people believed that some things they used in their everyday life had the power, which couldn’t be explained. The sequence of coincidences kept these beliefs up. That could be a feather or a pebble. Later these tokens became the attributes of the power. Today modern people still wear these objects or carry them everywhere they go. One can have a symbol of the religion to which he or she belongs, a mystic object, or even a photo of the person he or she loves. Let us see the four most popular objects which are worn as mascots in our time.

  • A cross. This plain geometrical figure can be found as a symbol of God in many religions, but it is still remaining the most recognizable Christian symbol. Though it is widely worn as a jewellery people all over the world are quite serious about it. In many cultures such as Egyptian, Celtic and Indian it denotes the eternal circle of life, prosperity and the victory of virtue.

  • A tree is a very old symbol which was once popular among the ancient Celts and Slavs. It represents the proliferation, life and the contact with nature. It is commonly believed that wooden things, that touch your body, for example hair combs or bracelets are good for your health. Some people suppose that these objects can store the energy of the earth even being made of a piece of wood cut off from the tree. You may see a tree on the flags and emblems as it denotes unity.
  • Even nowadays people believe that numbers are endowed with the specific power that could be either evil or good. Even and odd numbers are considered to be masculine and feminine coordinately. Odd numbers are connected with the creative abilities and emotional state, while even ones are bound with logic and rational thinking. That’s why money has always been viewed as a powerful instrument to adjust or even change the reality. Today almost every person has a lucky coin in a wallet or a lucky ticket in a pocket.

  • The depictions of animals are commonly used as mascots. They are worn as the items of jewellery, their small figures are carried in bags and pockets, they could be seen as the elements of patterns everywhere you look. The most common among them are a snake as the symbol of wisdom, a horse as the symbol of power and freedom and the cat which symbolizes love and home.

Who knows if we create our reality ourselves or we are guided and supervised by something or maybe someone else. Anyway mascots,amulets or tokens can help us to feel safe.

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