Top 8 Trivial FB Photo Styles And Postures

Okay, I suppose everybody has noticeв that. People seem to collectively ran out of fantasy and the pictures they set as profile images are quite the same all across the globe. Let’s review the most standard and popular ones in the Facebook space.

Duck face

This term has turned into a neologism. Apparently, the vast majority of FB’s female users think that huge swollen lips make them look hot and sexy. I don’t mind a good oral zone, but c’mon, it looks ridiculous! Especially if girl’s lips aren’t naturally thick and she tries to “balloon” them. Seriously, they look like they are going to explode! Usually, the ladies accompany these ballooned lips with a pair of sunglasses (reflective of course) that cover a good half of their faces. Well, maybe that’s a good idea for some girls though…


What is that: nostalgia for the silent movies? Unfortunately, not all the users are such great aesthetes and vintage lovers. Most of them just know a simple trick: people always look better when monochromic. Your spots, bad complexion and dark circles are not visible when black and white; plus, it gives the picture that “stylish” old school look. Easy way out for ugly ducklings, huh?

I Am Rich Style

You own a MacBook? An IPad? Ray Ban Glasses? Spend the vacation on the beach? Don’t forget to grab all your gadgets and shoot a picture in the gorgeous hotel with a glass of Pina Colada in your hand. Let people know that Donald Trump is your closest relative and you are a rich badass!

Me And My Pet Style

It’s a must-have for any dogs/cats/birds/crocodiles/desmans lovers. Your smiling face with a look of tenderness (“Oh look at my puppy, he’s so cute!”)and your furry friend’s dull face (“Gee, stupid woman, I hate you”) pressed to your cheek will doubtlessly generate tons of excited comments on your wall, so there you go!

I Am In The Mirror Style

I see a lot of profile images with people shooting themselves while looking in the mirror. I understand this tendency – you can see your face and make it “perfect”. But why do I feel pity for them? Seriously, they look pathetic like they don’t even have friends to shoot a picture of them! C’mon dude, go and ask your granny to make a photo!

I Am An Advanced Photoshop User Style

Unfortunately, more and more average users are learning this software, and nowadays you can hardly find a picture that wasn’t changed in Photoshop beyond recognition. This is the reason why I never make the acquaintances on Facebook. You never know if this gorgeous supermodel or that handsome athlete with perfect skin and eyes as bright as a magic fairy’s ones is really not a spotty fat ugly loser.

Look At My Chuck Taylor’s Converse Feet Style

No comments. Just your feet in the sneakers. As simple as that. Brilliant.

Look At Me I’m So Freaking Mysterious Style

A half of the face in the half light, romantic “hair-and-the-shoulder”, one leg in a plastic cast, two fingers and the shadow… Apparently, what professionals call “bad shots” FB users call “original”, “conceptual” and “creative”. Well, there is no accounting for taste, and maybe I am a stupid redneck who merely has no grasp of things.

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