Blind Dates: Manual For Dummies

Everyone wants to love and to be loved; unfortunately, feelings don’t appear to order, and sometimes people have to wait for years to meet a “special one”. But in our fast-paced society, waiting can be a fatal mistake. So, why not taking the initiative and starting a search for a mate?

Blind dating is the easiest way to go in this context. As for me, this type of dating was unfairly forgotten. I bet you have a lot of friends and these friends have a bunch of friends in their turn. The good news is some of these friends are single and craving for the relationships just like you are! You can ask your fellows to arrange a date for you or browse the cyberspace to find some dating websites. The second variant is very convenient if you are shy or not a very easy-going person and don’t have a lot of friends. Let me rally round you in discovering the most useful tricks that you can opt for while preparing to your first blind date.

  • Blind dating is a Russian roulette – you never know whether it will end up as a long-term relationships or a complete disappointment. Thus, you can cheat and check your mate-to-be’s profile on social networking websites and take a look at the photos. On the one hand, this is a good way to play safe and cancel the date if the candidate doesn’t meet your requirements. On the other hand, you will lose the lion’s share of thrilling emotions. Besides, don’t forget that not everyone is a professional model, and not each photographer is a camera guru. Don’t let one lame picture nullify your potential chances for marriage!
  • If your date starts getting boring and it’s plain to see that it’s not going to work, it would be nice to have some sort of plan B. For example, you can ask your friend to call you at agreed time or just set the alarm on your mobile phone. If the partner is nice and sweet and you don’t feel like finishing the date, tell him/her that this call was nothing special. But in case your date is a dull freak, feel free to say that it was an important call from work, or that your doggie got hit by a car, or whatever else your sick fantasy can generate. “Sorry, I have to go!” – and no hard feelings!
  • Meeting new people is not as easy as it seems. Very often first dates get spoiled by awkward silence, and that’s definitely not what you want. Don’t rely on spontaneous creativity when it comes to blind dates and prepare a list of topics for discussion and some questions. Try not to be pushy, or annoying, or too talkative though – you don’t want to bother your partner, do you? Besides, your prime aim is not to show off and make confessions, but to get to know this person better, so try to listen, not to talk.

And finally, remember that the second date is not obligatory! Thus, if you didn’t like the person, just say goodbye and… go and search for another one until you find a perfect match.

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