The Hobbies of The Celebrities

Every person needs a hobby to cope with the stress and emotional tension. Some individuals consider a hobby to be more than just a pleasant activity distracting us from the daily routine. Let us see what hobbies do the celebs devote their time to.

    • The most well-known eccentric is of course Johnny Depp. One of his main hobbies is collecting the figures of clowns of all images and sizes. One may say that there is nothing extraordinary in that nice hobby but the matter is that the famous actor is afraid of the clowns since his childhood. As he states this hobby helps him to cope with his phobia.

  • The favorite activity of the Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz is surfing. She spends all her free time on a surf catching the high wave. The incredible feeling when you conquer the new wave can’t be compared to any other experience as considered by Cameron. Despite the fact that the famous actress broke her nose when she fell off the surf she doesn’t seem to give up her hobby.
  • Handmade thing are also popular among the celebrities. Katy Holmes is fond of scrapbooking. She keeps the family photo album and makes the unique gifts to her colleagues.


  • Due to her hobby Madonna manages to keep fit for many years. She strengthens her awesome body in her own fitness center every free minute between the concerts and endless rehearsals. The second passion of the pop diva is collecting the art works of Pablo Picasso and Fernand Leger.

  • Sir Elton John can’t pass by the shop with the extravagant spectacles. He also collects the vintage cars and rare photos. And Demi Moore is fond of dolls though she is not a little girl. Among the dolls of her personal collection there are really expensive and unique.
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