How to protect your karma: Useful tips

A human’s karma or aura is an invisible cover surrounding the body. It always protects any person from the negative natural tendencies and from the adverse emotions and aggression of other people. Your karma or aura is to close and concentrate your energy and to give you the sense of protection and calmness. In order to protect yourself from the negative effects you need to work on your bio energetic potential. Here are a few tips on how you can do this.

  1. Close the outlines of your karma. It’s done easily by crossing the legs and the arms while talking to a person whom you dislike.

  2. Touch the pointer finger and the thumb of one hand with the same fingers of the other hand making a circle. Apply all other fingers to each other.

  3. Make a circle of the pointer finger and the thumb of one hand and put it in the palm of the other hands. Then change the hands. Repeat this process for three times for each hand. Closing the outlines of the karma is felt like the density of the aura and the tightness in the nape.

  4. Make an informational-biological defense. Ideally build a sphere around yourself and fill it with bio energy of purple or silvery color. Imagine that the sphere is belt with the phrase “You don’t need me”.

  5. Again, ideally surround your body with crosses, very close to the flesh and try to push them away slowly to the distance of 3 feet. Build a protective cover.

  6. Rub your palms until you feel they have warmed up. Take them to your face and build a protective cover around your head by circle movements. Then imagine that all the negative energy is concentrated in your palms. Then shake this negative energy off your hands above the fire or right to the ground.

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