How to Decorate Your Kitchen

Except the fact that the kitchen should be functional it also should be cozy. Decorating a kitchen has a great importance for our health. We spend much time there preparing the food and consuming it. If we eat breakfast in a pleasant atmosphere it will be far more useful for our body. But how to decorate the kitchen and retain its functionality. Remember that it’s had to clean small and littery kitchen. If the space is small don’t fill it with numerous accessories and brick-a-bracks. Add a few bright accents. Hang a couple of pictures with flowers and colorful fruit. Plain wooden frames will look great in combination with bright natural colors. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a professional photographer try to use ultra-close-up photography. The drops of dew, a ladybird or thin blade of grass are good ideas for photos. Actually the ideas for an expressive photo can be found everywhere. A birch leaf, a dandelion, coffee beans with mint leaf or a pile of oranges from the local store will look great on the walls of your kitchen.

How to use textile in decorating? The variants of kitchen interior without long curtains are considered safer. Pinafores, oven mitts and towels of the same fabric as roller blinds will make the kitchen cozy. The best cloth for that is linen. It will match any interior.

Since the ancient times utensils and dishes were not only the practical objects but also the elements of decor. There is no need to put all the plates and mugs you have on the shelves. If you have an antique tea pot or brass milk jugs don’t hide them in the cupboard.

Take into account that all the details should match each other. If your kitchen is decorated with the country accessories the contrasting modern appliances will be sufficient. And on the opposite the high-tech kitchen should be supplied with funny details such as pink flower pot or linen serviettes.

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