Dating a married woman.

Life is unpredictable. Once you realize that you fall in love with a married woman. It is wonderful to love someone but in this case it is too complicated. She is married and has children. It is more complicated if she loves you as well. Do you want her to divorce? Do you really want to get married her and to father her children? Maybe you just play games with her? Well, you should answer these questions having an affair with a married woman.

I witnessed a friend of mine who fall in love with a married woman. Well, for the first time it was difficult to realize my dear friend made such a choice. His lover was going to divorce and she had two kids. She was persuading him that didn’t love her husband as they had nothing in common. Well, the situation was complicated indeed. Anyway it seemed to be okay as she was planning to separate from her husband. But they are still together. She is still cheating on her husband and she is still playing games with my friend. It is painful for him. But he can do nothing. It is terrible as he has serious intentions and she is changing nothing. She spends holidays and vacations along with her husband. And it seems like she is absolutely okay with it. But my friend suffers. I tried to explain him that she uses him and that he should leave her. But he is crazy about her and is ready to do everything for her.

The worst situation if you fall in love with a wife of your friend. And in this situation it is more about morality. Especially if she loves you too. Well, it would be difficult for both of you to date. I mean emotionally it is devastating situation. Dating you friend’s wife you are betraying him. What you gonna do if everything would reveal? And it would reveal definitely. No doubts. I do not want to judge anyone but I think that you should decide between her and your friend. Do you have any principles? Well, I could hardly deal with it. Think it over. Do you really love her or it is a passion? Do you really want to be with her and lose your friend? Won’t you regret about your decision? Do you really respect your friend and his feelings? Or you are ready to do everything to be with her? Be reasonable answering the questions. Talk to her. She bears responsibility as well.

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One thought on “Dating a married woman.

  1. best choice,don’t get involved at all.That way you won’t suffer the things described above.Alot easier to just find a single ,available woman.What a concept! This way you won’t get beat up or shot by an enraged psycho husband!

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