Three Useful Magic Rituals From European Countries

  • Scotland.

Protection during traveling.

You will need ginger root, three narrow yellow ribbons and a small wooden box.

The best time for that spell is Thursday, the day of the Scandinavian god Thor, the one who protect the ones who are on their way and controls the weather. When you buy ginger root try to find the one which reminds a small human. If you didn’t manage to find that one you may carve out a small human carefully with a kitchen knife. Tie up the yellow ribbons on its body, legs and arms. But never tie up the one around its neck. During the process of fastening the ribbon knots kiss each one and wish the person who is going to travel luck and success in your thoughts. Pronounce the following words: “Be safe and sound in all the travels of your life forever and ever.” Put the small ginger human into the wooden box, seal it and store in a safe place. Take this small figure in your hands and talk to it before each trip. Repeat the spell every six months.

  • Switzerland.

How to attract money.

You will need the leaves or dried basil, a silver coin, a candle, a small pile of dried onion and a small cloth bag.

Light up the candle pronouncing the words: “The flame of candle will give me money to handle”. Make the two circles of dries onion and basil around the burning candle. Carry the silver coin over the candle fire imagining the exact sum of money you want to obtain. Pronounce the words: “Fire and Earth, bring some money to my purse”. Blow out the candle. Collect all the onion and basil, put the herbs with the coin into the cloth bag. Carry the small bag with you to make all your deals successful.

  • Czech Republic.

Preventing the rumors.

You will need a blank sheet of white paper, a black felt-tip pen, a piece of black thread, rosemary, dried rose petals, dried lavender or lavender essential oil.

Write the following words in a black felt-tip pen on the paper sheet: “Rumors about me, ill talks about me, slander about me”. Roll up this sheet of paper, tie it up with the black thread and put it in the freezer or buty it in your backyard. End this ritual burning the herbs or throw them on the ground wishing yourself health and happiness in your mind.

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