Blind Dates: Manual For Dummies

Everyone wants to love and to be loved; unfortunately, feelings don’t appear to order, and sometimes people have to wait for years to meet a “special one”. But in our fast-paced society, waiting can be a fatal mistake. So, why not taking the initiative and starting a search for a mate?

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Random Thoughts on People’s Relations

Watching the people who surround me and analyzing my own behavior just a couple years ago. I have come to the conclusion that we try to increase the number of our social contacts in every possible way. Sometimes we do it consciously, sometimes not, but the fact is that most people are afraid of loneliness and try to avoid being on their own in any way.

And now think: how many people of those you are communicating with on a regular basis can you really call your friends? I bet you have never even thought about it, and once you do, you will only be able to name a few people.

If you are trying to be more social and get popular, it still does not guarantee that your range of good friends is about to widen. You may drink a beer or two with your colleague after work or hang out with that guy you met last week in a night club, or have an intellectual talk with that online buddy who shares your interests once you finally meet in real life, but don’t you think this is only occasional communication? Most people around you will view you just as a good interlocutor, a friendly and easy-going person who they will first consider when asking for help an advice, and for some of them you will be just a Friday drinking mate, and this is inevitable. You will only have a couple of close friends who will be there for you no matter what happens, who feel responsible for keeping your relationship up and will love and appreciate you just fir who you are.

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