Three Useful Magic Rituals From European Countries

  • Scotland.

Protection during traveling.

You will need ginger root, three narrow yellow ribbons and a small wooden box.

The best time for that spell is Thursday, the day of the Scandinavian god Thor, the one who protect the ones who are on their way and controls the weather. When you buy ginger root try to find the one which reminds a small human. If you didn’t manage to find that one you may carve out a small human carefully with a kitchen knife. Tie up the yellow ribbons on its body, legs and arms. But never tie up the one around its neck. During the process of fastening the ribbon knots kiss each one and wish the person who is going to travel luck and success in your thoughts. Pronounce the following words: “Be safe and sound in all the travels of your life forever and ever.” Put the small ginger human into the wooden box, seal it and store in a safe place. Take this small figure in your hands and talk to it before each trip. Repeat the spell every six months.

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How to protect your karma: Useful tips

A human’s karma or aura is an invisible cover surrounding the body. It always protects any person from the negative natural tendencies and from the adverse emotions and aggression of other people. Your karma or aura is to close and concentrate your energy and to give you the sense of protection and calmness. In order to protect yourself from the negative effects you need to work on your bio energetic potential. Here are a few tips on how you can do this.

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The Four Most Popular Symbols Worn as Mascottes

The whole our life is full of different symbols. We face them everywhere. Every symbol, especially religious or magical one can is believed to have a certain impact on our mental state. A human being needs to have some psychological help from time to time and if he or she doesn’t receive it, it’s sensible to search the support using a material object. From the prehistoric times people believed that some things they used in their everyday life had the power, which couldn’t be explained. The sequence of coincidences kept these beliefs up. That could be a feather or a pebble. Later these tokens became the attributes of the power. Today modern people still wear these objects or carry them everywhere they go. One can have a symbol of the religion to which he or she belongs, a mystic object, or even a photo of the person he or she loves. Let us see the four most popular objects which are worn as mascots in our time.

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