Resume Photo: Pros and Cons

Availability or absence of a photo is not the crucial point in building a perfect resume or CV. But in some cases it is able to influence the final decision of HR manager concerning the choice either to invite you for the interview or not. Some career coaches suppose that it's incorrectly to place a photo in your CV. The others say that it's not prohibited. In fact there is no any definite answer to that question as it depends upon a number of various factors. If your potential employer asks you to supply your photo it's clear that a proper photo file needs to be attached. But one should pay attention to the fact that the attached photo should be an appropriate one. The resume or CV photo should meet its aim. That means the home photos, funny ones, glamorous and studio ones wouldn't be the right ones to choose. The best photo for a resume or CV is the one depicting a job seeker officially dressed, openly smiling and ready to work. If you don't have such photo ask your friend to take a picture of you or use the service of a professional photographer.

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My New Apartment

Dear Diary,

Today I moved to my new apartment! I was waiting for this moment for so long! I am really happy that it finally happened! I don’t have to pay rent anymore, I don’t have to ask the permission to get a pet, it is my own place and I don’t need a roommate anymore.

It is a small one room apartment but it’s MINE. This is the best thing that ever happened to me including sex with Bill Willington and graduation 😀 Combined.

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