Three Useful Magic Rituals From European Countries

  • Scotland.

Protection during traveling.

You will need ginger root, three narrow yellow ribbons and a small wooden box.

The best time for that spell is Thursday, the day of the Scandinavian god Thor, the one who protect the ones who are on their way and controls the weather. When you buy ginger root try to find the one which reminds a small human. If you didn’t manage to find that one you may carve out a small human carefully with a kitchen knife. Tie up the yellow ribbons on its body, legs and arms. But never tie up the one around its neck. During the process of fastening the ribbon knots kiss each one and wish the person who is going to travel luck and success in your thoughts. Pronounce the following words: “Be safe and sound in all the travels of your life forever and ever.” Put the small ginger human into the wooden box, seal it and store in a safe place. Take this small figure in your hands and talk to it before each trip. Repeat the spell every six months.

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How to Decorate Your Kitchen

Except the fact that the kitchen should be functional it also should be cozy. Decorating a kitchen has a great importance for our health. We spend much time there preparing the food and consuming it. If we eat breakfast in a pleasant atmosphere it will be far more useful for our body. But how to decorate the kitchen and retain its functionality. Remember that it’s had to clean small and littery kitchen. If the space is small don’t fill it with numerous accessories and brick-a-bracks. Add a few bright accents. Hang a couple of pictures with flowers and colorful fruit. Plain wooden frames will look great in combination with bright natural colors. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a professional photographer try to use ultra-close-up photography. The drops of dew, a ladybird or thin blade of grass are good ideas for photos. Actually the ideas for an expressive photo can be found everywhere. A birch leaf, a dandelion, coffee beans with mint leaf or a pile of oranges from the local store will look great on the walls of your kitchen.

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My New Apartment

Dear Diary,

Today I moved to my new apartment! I was waiting for this moment for so long! I am really happy that it finally happened! I don’t have to pay rent anymore, I don’t have to ask the permission to get a pet, it is my own place and I don’t need a roommate anymore.

It is a small one room apartment but it’s MINE. This is the best thing that ever happened to me including sex with Bill Willington and graduation 😀 Combined.

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Lazy brain

I don’t know about you, guys, but sometimes I really feel I grow dull. All these parties, lazy evenings before TV and social nets seem to reduce my imagination and ability to think quickly and creative. Once I had this thought about my degrading mind, I decided to improve myself as I was scared to become a computer veggie and silly fast liver. So that’s what I did and do now.

First of all, when I need to count something, I avoid any calculator help. In the beginning it was hard, as it took time to make all these mathematical operation, even the simplest ones, like counting tip. Then it became way easier, and I start surprising my friends with such skills. Sometimes when I use public transport, I pay attention to the license plates of the nearby vehicles, and without writing them down I add the figures from these plates, then raise this result to the square and divide it by seven. Probably that’s why I look so concentrated while riding.
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