What Does a Woman Want

A woman seems to be a surprisingly illogical and emotional creature, whose wishes change like the wind directions. Nevertheless to understand the desire of a woman in a particular situation is quite possible. One should just be careful, sensible and a bit of experience.

Here are the “three wales” which are the basis of the women’s “I want to”.

  • The wish to look attractive. The ideal situation is when all the men around fall down and turn their heads back like the owls do and the women commit the instant suicide because they are envious.
  • The wish to be protected. To say that in other words that means to put al the responsibilities on their husbands and to enjoy playing “Snake” on their new pink touch-screen cell phone.
  • The maternity instinct. All these sighs about the little naked chubby toddlers, tiny shoes and other accessories are extremely important to every woman. By the way, this instinct is usually awakening at the age from 25 to 35 years old.

So how to understand what does a woman want? The solution is to apply all the three principles to the current situation and to find out with the help of the key questions which one is working. As soon as you know for sure which “lever” is functioning, the bigger part of the business is done. Everything left to do are the minor things as the subscription to the fitness club or the new evening gown.

It is hard to guess all the wishes of a woman. It’s not clear what do these wishes depend on. The possible answer given by a woman may seem to be a completely random one for an average man. The main thing it to pay attention to the collateral factors such as intonation, mimics or the sharp objects she is holding in her hands. Every woman is a unique creature with the individual set of complexes and childhood psychological traumas. Notice the smallest details and you will be less likely to make a mistake.

Remember that a woman seldom gives the straight answer to the question asked. Even if you realize the you have made a mistake, just smile. After all she has already chosen you but not some sweet squeezable henpecked. Even if you are doing wrong but look nice and charming the heart of your beloved will certainly melt and she will postpone for a while all her “I want” and “Could you”.

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