Pros and Cons of Visiting India.

I have been traveling a lot and have visited lots of countries. Lucky me! But due to some reasons I avoid visiting India. To tell the truth I’m much more interested in Western culture. Well, it doesn’t mean I see it to be superior to Asian traditions or whatever. But really I spent plenty of time doing researches in archeology in Eastern Europe mainly. I hope it can justify me and my ignorance about India and its culture. Well, I know some generally known facts. But no more. So I decided to do some kind of research whether India is worth visiting or not. So let’s get started.

I would like to focus your attention on some stereotypes concerning India and daily life of Indian people trying to find out whether they are true or not. If you have never been to this country and have know idea how it looks like today you can get a notion watching British drama Slumdog Millionaire (2008). So there are lots of beggars in India indeed as well as thousands poor people who have almost nothing. But surprisingly they look happy. How come? I suppose it is some kind of influence of the religion they profess. Surfing the Internet you will find many articles vividly describing how poor Indian people are. At the same time many rich people live in India. It looks like India is a country of contrasts and differences.

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